All articles submitted to the International Research Journal of Pharmacy are subjected to a rigorous completeness check before undergoing evaluation by a subject editor. Following this, the manuscript is reviewed by two external reviewers who are considered experts in the relevant content. While the editor takes into account the peer-reviewed reports, they are not obligated to follow the recommendations provided by the reviewers when making a decision. If concerns are raised by a single reviewer or the editor, the manuscript may be rejected. The authors will receive the editorial decision alongside the peer review reports.

The selection of reviewers for peer review is an essential aspect of the publication process, and numerous factors are taken into consideration. These include the reviewer's expertise, reputation, recommendations, potential conflicts of interest, and past performance. We prioritize reviewers who exhibit quickness, thoroughness, logical reasoning, and a cooperative attitude. Demonstrating excellence in these areas is highly valued in our peer review process.

International Research Journal of Pharmacy employs a rigorous double-blind peer-review system that ensures complete anonymity between authors and reviewers. HPI places great emphasis on delivering fair and unbiased evaluations, without favoring either the author or reviewer. The peer-review procedure is executed in accordance with strict guidelines.

International Research Journal of Pharmacy (IRJP) strictly follows double blind peer-review system by maintaining complete anonymity between author and reviewers. IRJP prefers fair judgment without any bias to author or reviewer. The detail of peer review procedure is as below.


This peer review policy and procedure is based on and